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It's probably a bad sign when everyone is disappointed in your vacation. Originally, we had intended to use my mother's timeshare, but first I waited too long to decide on dates, then my mother waited too long to actually book it. In the end we kind of half-assed a vacation. We went to Seaside for a day. Walked on the beach, played in the sand, rode the carousel and bumper cars. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't really much of a beach vacation either.

Shortly afte rthat, the kids started getting sick. First Nolan ran a fever, then a couple days later Aurora. There was messy poo involved, lethargy, hacking coughs which still persist.

We did manage to see Cars 2 during the week and tackled some chores. The hall closets are cleaned organized, as are the kids' toys. I managed to do an put away almost all the laundry early in the week, but of course that's managed to pile up again already. Bills are paid. Work in the basement progressed.

Somehow it never seems like enough. By this weekend it was becoming clear that this wasn't a very relaxing vacation, and it wasn't a very productive one either. Tensions were high. Finally, with two sick kids, and a couple of stressed out parents we decided to take the 4th of July and have a very laid back day. We hung out in the backyard, wiped a lot of noses, ate a simple meal of burgers and potato chips and waited for the sun to go down.

Just us, enjoying each other, together.