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Exhausted this morning. I think we stayed up too late for a work night. Last week we were up to 11 or later almost every day, but weren't rolling out of bed until 7am. This week I'm back to rising at 5:30 and so 11 makes me feel pretty tired in the morning.

I've already fallen off the wagon with organizational time. Instead of getting any real chores done last night I played video games during that time. I did consider going to the store to get some bins or boxes for storing things in, but Kirby persuaded me to let her go with the kids instead. It seems they're bored all day and a trip to the store is exactly what they need to break up the monotony, So they're doing that today, and then I suppose we should be back on the bandwagon tonight.

Not a lot to report this morning. I'm just going to get off here, and hopefully make it to work early.